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Supplying plastic raw materials to UK moulding companies since 1960

Supplying plastic raw materials to UK moulding companies since 1960

Established back in 1924, Hardies has been supplying plastic raw materials to UK moulding companies since 1960.

Hardie Polymers specialise in sourcing and distributing engineering polymers and also high performance polymers.

Our rebranding and new website also pays tribute to our long pedigree.

Learn more about our interesting history and how today we can get great polymer deals for you.

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Jim & Graeme Hardie

Jim and Graeme Hardie

The company was originally founded in Glasgow. J&G Hardie Limited initially supplied the baking industry with all its core ingredients.

This photograph shows current MD, Fergus Hardie’s, Great Uncle Jim and Grandfather Graeme, the founders of the business.

In the early 1930’s, the company was appointed Sales Agent for Anchor Chemical Company who made rubber compounding chemicals. This involvement in the UK rubber industry was to run for many years and eventually led the company into plastics.

The Second Generation of Hardies – supplying plastics

The second generation – Graemes’ sons : brothers Bonar, Hamish and Donald Hardie, all worked in the business together at one stage, from the offices at 9 Woodside Terrace at Charing Cross in Glasgow.

The Company was appointed as Agent for a London based company called Revertex, who produced synthetic rubber compounds. These compounds were widely used in the textile industry for backing carpets. The company became the largest supplier to that sector in Scotland.supplying plastics from 9 Woodside Terrace

Bonar concentrated on the rubber industry. In addition, Donald was to lead the company into the fast growing business of supplying plastics.

Graeme Hardie had earlier Chaired the Scottish Rubber Institute in Scotland before Bonar Hardie went on to Chair the inaugural Scottish Plastics & Rubber Institute. Donald went onto lead the organisation for several years in the late 1970’s. Later he was also made a Fellow of the Institute of Materials in London.

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Finally, read about one of the many awards our team have won. See page 15 of the Executive Awards winners supplement HERE



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