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Marine Litter: The Facts

Marine Litter: The Facts

Hardie Polymers is supporting The British Plastics Federation (BPF) campaign on marine litter.

The BPF recently released a range of public- and industry-focused resources at Interplas 2017.

These include a new website about marine litter. It has online FAQs, public-facing quizzes about marine litter and sustainability

Also there is a new section of the BPF website informing people about the benefits of working in the plastics industry.

The BPF’s Marine Litter Campaign

The purpose is to provide the public with better access to information about marine litter. The key resource is the new website — www.marinelitterthefacts.com. It provides a range of information from authoritative sources. It aims to help inform the public debate about marine litter and highlight the importance of keeping plastic in the recycling stream and out of the environment. The website includes suggested actions for government, industry, NGOs and individuals, which range from responsibly disposing of plastics to supporting international initiatives. Supplementing this activity are online FAQs, which provide accessible myth-busting information about plastic packaging, as well as online quizzes about marine litter and sustainability.

Marine Litter

The release of these and other resources comes after recent research from a YouGov survey. This was funded by the BPF as part of its efforts to establish a factual approach to plastics in the marine environment. When asked to guess the percentage of plastic waste in the sea that comes from Europe and the USA combined, out of over 2,000 respondents, 49% stated they believed the two regions accounted for more than half of marine litter globally. In fact, the USA and Europe combined contribute just 2%. The correct answer range was selected by only 1% of respondents.

The survey also asked people what they thought would encourage them to recycle more when outside of their homes. 58% favoured more recycling bins in public places, followed by 16% who favoured a deposit return scheme.

For official comments on these findings you can also read the full BPF news article.

Hardie Polymers have been members of the British Plastics Federation (the BPF) since 2005.

We joined in order to take advantage of the many benefits of membership.


The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the UK trade association for the plastics industry. Therefore, it represents the whole supply chain including polymer producers, distributors, additives suppliers, machinery manufacturers, processors and recyclers.

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