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Announcing the launch of our new polymer sourcing video

Announcing the launch of our new polymer sourcing video

Hardie Polymers have launched a brand new video.

So, if you have ever wondered exactly what Hardie Polymers do and how we do it, then we invite you to take a quick look at this short video.

There can be no manufacturing process to rival plastic injection moulding when it comes to producing parts with such diverse physical properties.

The key to this is the wide range of polymers available. So, if you are injection moulding, you probably process a wide range of engineering thermoplastics.

From Polycarbonates to Polyamides, the list is long. But with so many individual brands, it can be difficult to know where to source them all.

Interested in how to reduce your plastic raw material costs?

Sit back and relax.

The short polymer video above will help you learn how to do just that.

It can also be found on our homepage along with details on…

The 5 Reasons UK Moulders turn to Hardie Polymers

  • We offer a real alternative purchasing route to the official distributors
  • We supply the exact brand and grade of material required
  • Hardie Polymers can help reduce long lead times
  • We specialise in sourcing hard to find polymers
  • We can help when the manufacturers MOQ is higher than you need

The polymer video script

Established in 1924, Hardie Polymers are a highly professional, UK-based polymer distributor, uniquely able to supply all the major brands of engineering polymers for injection moulders.

Unlike the official UK distributors who are restricted in the grades that they can supply, we are not.

We have built up an extraordinary network of over 350 supply partners across Europe, meaning we can supply you almost any grade you need.

Using our advanced CRM system, we then check prices from country to country, finding you the best price and fastest delivery.

With complete commitment to service, Hardie Polymers will deliver the brand and grade you require every single time.

Managing all the logistics, we ensure a consistent, reliable service from start to finish.

Multi-award winning, and with a customer base growing ten-fold in just 6 years, we deliver proven, unrivalled value.

Competitively supplying any quantity from 25kg to full truck loads.

All our material comes in the original packaging with the Manufactures Certificate of Analysis.

For more information contact Hardie Polymers on: +44(0)141 952 1900 or email us at [email protected]

Finally, video by Squideo

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