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We’re delighted to be Polymer Distributor of the Year

We’re delighted to be Polymer Distributor of the Year

Hardie Polymers are delighted to be awarded Polymer Distributor of the Year by Corporate LiveWire.

We are featured in their online magazine and you can view a special editorial edition here.

The award-winning polymer team

The award-winning polymer team

Winning their Innovation & Excellence Awards for 2019 is another great achievement, coming on top of Hardies other previous awards.

About Hardie Polymers

Established in 1924, Hardie Polymers Ltd is a family owned, business to business polymer supplier with a flexible and proactive approach.
Today, we are the UK’s leading independent thermoplastics distributor, offering a complete range of engineering polymers (e.g. PC/ABS, PA, POM, PMMA, ABS), high performance polymers and filled polypropylene compounds to the injection moulding sector.

Our customers use the materials we supply to mould technical components for leading automotive companies. These include Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan, as well as other key manufacturing sectors such as defence, medical and electronics.

Automotive polymer supplier

Disrupting the Polymer Market

For years, the major distributors dictated the market for the main brands of engineering polymers, holding the distribution rights of their respective products. However, Hardies now offer the UK injection moulding sector a real alternative. As an independent polymer distributor, competing against the major pan-European players, our Glasgow-based company has made a significant change to the UK market, offering a flexible and focused service.

Hardie Polymers Head Office

Shunning the larger corporate style, we instead tailor our offer to fit the customers’ needs. We have spent over 10 years building a unique supply base, spanning Europe with over 350 polymer distributors. This allows us to source products from all the key global producers, in a way that no other UK supplier can.

Customers benefit from this by obtaining better prices and improved lead times when materials are in tight supply. Hardie Polymers are the only thermoplastics distributor to offer materials from all the major manufacturers.

Polymer Distributor of the Year

“The Corporate LiveWire judging panel commend Hardie Polymers for their initiative to open up the injection moulding market. They offer an improved, more personal service, with the scope for more competitive pricing. This has boosted profitability amongst UK injection moulders by providing market competition previously missing.”

Isy Ferguson & Managing Director, Fergus Hardie

Overall, Hardies are more cost effective, time efficient and more resourceful in finding the specific polymer grade that customers require than the major distributors. Our multinational supply base allows us to offer a full range of grades. We offer anything from 25kg up to a full truck load, so customers can order just the quantity they require.

Also, as experts on the injection moulding of plastics, customers can communicate confidently with knowledgeable professionals, making the order process smooth and easy from beginning to end.

Polymer awards

The Polymer Awards Collection

Read the full Polymer Distributor of the Year Corporate LiveWire feature.

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