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How to double-check the grade you buy is actually specified

How to double-check the grade you buy is actually specified

Double-checking the actual grade is another of our 10 Powerful Polymer Buying Tips to save you Money.

Do you find the polymer buying process frustrating at times?

At Hardie Polymers we are here to help you.

Hardie Polymers are the UK’s leading independent Thermoplastics Distributor, offering a complete range of Engineering Polymers to the Injection Moulding sector. We have been members of the British Plastics Federation  Distributors Group since 2004.

double-check the grade

We would like to explain more about how we can help you.

That is why we have put together our ten top tips for polymer purchasers.

We are serialising these tips on our website over the coming months and would like to continue with the second of our

10 Best Ways To Save You Money Buying Polymers

(If you can’t wait to hear all of them now, then just contact us today!)

Tip#2. Double-check the grade you buy is actually specified

Is the grade you buy really your only option?

Have you checked if the drawing says ‘or alternative’ or lists another grade?

double-check the grade

Very often moulders are paying premium prices for a specified grade they believe they have to buy – without ever checking if they have the flexibility to buy another grade.

What does this mean? This means missing out on the potential opportunity to source a lower-priced alternative grade.

It’s limited business thinking.

Hardie Polymers have an extremely wide reach of suppliers, meaning we have access to both the grade you are using and better price options for you.

Hardie Polymers have spent the last fifteen years building the most comprehensive supply network across Europe. We have over 350 suppliers, ensuring we can offer you all the major specified grades. We also price-check the same product across multiple suppliers and countries, so that we can give you the best price every time.

Contact us to take the hassle out of your Polymer Buying process

Collectively, our team have over 95 years of experience supplying the injection moulding industry.

You can be assured we understand the issues you are facing.

So contact us today for our help…

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