Hardie Polymers are the UK’s leading independent Thermoplastics Distributor, offering a complete range of Engineering Polymers to the Injection Moulding sector.

Established in 1924, we are family owned, totally independent and have a flexible and proactive approach.  We supply Engineering Polymers (e.g. PC, PC/ABS, PA, POM, PMMA, ABS), High Performance Polymers and filled Polypropylene compounds.

As members of the British Plastics Federation, our reputation is second-to-none. We were awarded best Polymer Distributor 2014 at the Plastics Industry Awards. Also we were winners of other top business awards in 2015 and 2016.

We have built on years of experience with first-rate industry knowledge – offering our clients first-hand advice in helping identify and locate the right products for their use. We work with over 350 leading suppliers across Europe and beyond, providing our customers with access to literally thousands of different grades of polymers.

Hardie Polymers are the only thermoplastics distributor to offer material from all the major manufacturers.

  • Access material from all the major manufacturers with just one phone call
  • Simple pricing structure, no admin charges
  • Massive European stock levels
  • Friendly, experienced Sales Team
  • Supplying Injection Moulders in the UK for over 50 years

Collectively, our team have over 95 years of experience supplying the injection moulding industry. You can be assured we understand the issues you are facing.

What makes us different from other distributors?

The team at Hardies want to make your job as easy as possible!   We really want to help your business grow and be successful and will go the extra mile to help you achieve this.  We believe we are the only distributor to have access to materials from all the major manufacturers. Hardies can offer you the trade name you need, meaning you only need make one call for all your requirements.

Why are we growing so fast?

We are smaller than the main distributors and are consequently able to give our customers a more flexible and focussed service. We are happy to shun the large corporate style approach and instead tailor our offer to whatever the customer needs. As a result, we are frequently told by our customers they prefer our approach and we are winning new customers all the time as a result.

How we help you to buy better and pay less for your polymers?

Operating within a mature sector, we have developed a new model from the major polymer distributors. We give our customers the opportunity to now source their ‘specified’ engineering polymers from somewhere other than the official distributor. By opening up the market in this way, we are helping companies to compete more effectively and improve their profitability.

How can we often quote shorter lead times than your current supplier?

In our industry, strong growth in key sectors such as automotive have led to extended lead times for many engineering polymers. This has given injection moulders real problems as they struggle to meet deadlines. Hardies however, have been able to use the full extent of their international supply base of 350 companies, to track down stocks of these scarce materials and help injection moulding companies get their material on time.

Why being Independent is good for our customers?

Because we are an independent thermoplastics distributor and not tied to certain polymer producers, we offer grades from almost any producer. This saves our customers from having to deal with multiple suppliers. We also work on tighter margins than our larger competitors. Our customers can often access better pricing for these ‘specified’ grades.


Find the exact grade you require

Improve on your current price

Get the material you need faster

Our no risk Polymer Search

  • We’ll conduct a no obligation search so you don’t have to
  • We can supply the exact grade you need so you can meet your spec
  • Minimum quantity is just 25kg so you can get just what you need
  • If we can’t find your grade of plastic there is no cost to you
  • Products can be dispatched by express shipping if required

Chat to us first as we’re happy to answer any of your questions.


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