Please note that we only supply polymer in granular form for Injection Moulding or Extrusion applications. We do not supply polymer in rod, sheet or block form.

    Our team are available from 8am-5pm and we always aim to get back to you the same day. If you would rather contact us immediately please join us on live chat or give us a call on 0141 952 1900.

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    Author: Calum Macinnes

    5 Great Reasons to Meet us at Plastics Live 2022

    Plastics Live 2022 - Meet Hardie Polymers at the Coventry Building Society Arena on the 5th-6th July.

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    What is PEEK?

    PEEK is a high-performance polymer. It is a member of the PAEK family of polymers.

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    Hardies support customers whilst holding their highest polymer stock levels

    Hardies polymer stock levels are higher than they have ever been. We continue to bring in more and more stock for our customers.

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    One Rewarding Year in the Life of Hardie Polymers

    Time to look back and reflect on a busy year. We wanted to share with you why despite everything it was a rewarding year for us all at Hardie Polymers.

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    MANAGEMENT BUY OUT AT LEADING UK POLYMER SUPPLIER - Hardie Polymers has announced that Isy Ferguson and Bartosz Komanski have completed a management buy out of their specialist polymer supply business backed by the team at Nevis Capital

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    Hardies delighted to be appointed UK’s Victrex Authorised Distributor

    Hardie Polymers are are proud to announce they have been appointed Victrex Authorised Distributor for the UK.

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    Delighted to be Selected as a Covid Business Hero by the Plastics Industry Awards

    Hardie Polymers is honoured to have been selected as a Covid Business Hero by the Plastics Industry Awards

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    How To Survive the Extraordinary Global Polymer Supply Challenge

    The unprecedented vulnerability and crisis facing polymer supply around the world - how we can help.

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    Tips and tricks to gain advantages for specifying polymer for your parts

    Gain advantages for specifying polymer for your parts - Fergus Hardie took part in a webinar - Know your plastics: Gain advantage by knowing polymers

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    New brand identity & New website

    Our new website reflects the evolution of our business - new dynamic logo and website.

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    Coping with weld lines

    In injection moulding, weld lines (knit lines) form when two melt fronts meet. If the melt fronts do not coalesce completely, at best there will be a cosmetic flaw. At worst there will be a mechanical weak-spot, with strengths of the order of 10 - 90 % of the material potential.

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    What determines friction between thermoplastic components?

    Friction is an important property for thermoplastics in bearings and gears but also has a part to play in assembly of plastic parts (snap-fit and interference-fit) and ejection during moulding.

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