Please note that we only supply polymer in granular form for Injection Moulding or Extrusion applications. We do not supply polymer in rod, sheet or block form.

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    Chris DeArmitt

    With so much misinformation on plastics, many companies are left confused and uncertain of the approach they should take so we are delighted to introduce Chris DeArmitt, PhD FRSC FIMMM, President of Phantom Plastics in the United States. Truly independent, his goal is to be the leading source of unbiased information on plastics.

    Chris is considered one of the top plastic materials experts and problem solvers in the World, which is why companies like HP, Apple, Exxon, P&G, Eaton, Total and Disney go to him for help and to create breakthrough plastic materials.

    Chris specialises in the development of breakthrough plastic materials. He also offers an excellent range of Consultancy Services and Training Courses, covering all aspects of plastic raw materials and their use.

    Chris has written a book – The Plastics Paradox –  which provides evidence from thousands of Scientific publications and Life Cycle Analyses (LCA’s) that prove that in most cases, plastics are the greenest solution and that replacing them with other materials actually harms the environment. As Chris says, ‘You can be for the environment, or against plastics, but not both.’

    You can contact Chris at :

    Chris DeArmitt PhD FRSC FIMMM
    Phantom Plastics®
    Cincinnati, OH

    +1 (601) 620 8080 mobile
    [email protected]
    Voted #1 Plastics Expert 

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