Please note that we only supply polymer in granular form for Injection Moulding or Extrusion applications. We do not supply polymer in rod, sheet or block form.

    Our team are available from 8am-5pm and we always aim to get back to you the same day. If you would rather contact us immediately please join us on live chat or give us a call on 0141 952 1900.

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    10 Powerful Polymer Buying Tips to save you Money

    Do you find the polymer buying process frustrating at times?

    At Hardie Polymers we are here to help you.

    Hardie Polymers are the UK’s leading independent Thermoplastics Distributor, offering a complete range of Engineering Polymers to the Injection Moulding sector. We have been members of the British Plastics Federation  Distributors Group since 2004.

    We offer a real alternative purchasing route to the official distributors supplying the exact brand and grade of material required. We can help reduce long lead times and we specialise in sourcing hard to find polymers. Our expert staff can also help when the manufacturers MOQ is higher than you need.

    We would like you to read more about how we can help you.

    That is why we have put together our ten top tips for polymer purchasers.

    We will be serialising these tips on our website over the coming months and would like to start with the first of our

    10 Best Ways To Save You Money Buying Polymers

    (If you can’t wait to hear all of them now, then just contact us today!)

    1. Ensure your supplier can offer you a full choice of brands – and at competitive prices

    Does your current supplier offer you only certain brands of material – and at fixed prices? It may be the case that your current supplier is the ‘sole authorised UK distributor’, but – that does not mean you have no other buying alternative. Because you do. You do not have to pay whatever price your supplier quotes you.

    Hardie Polymers have spent the last fifteen years building the most comprehensive supply network across Europe. We have over 350 suppliers, ensuring we can offer you all the major specified grades. We also price-check the same product across multiple suppliers and countries, so that we can give you the best price every time.

    Contact us to take the hassle out of your Polymer Buying process

    Collectively, our team have 95 years of experience supplying the injection moulding industry.

    You can be assured we understand the issues you are facing.

    So contact us today for our help…

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    PEEK is a high-performance polymer. It is a member of the PAEK family of polymers.

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    It really is time for people to start LOVING plastics !

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