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    How To Survive the Extraordinary Global Polymer Supply Challenge

    In March this year one image symbolised the unprecedented vulnerability and crisis facing polymer supply around the world. The Suez Canal was blocked in both directions by a container ship.

    Polymer Supply - the unprecedented vulnerability and crisis upon crisis facing polymer supply around the world.

    The International Chamber of Shipping estimates that up to $3 billion worth of cargo passes through the canal every day. The canal carries approximately 12% of global trade. Despite this pent-up demand continued related to the coronavirus recovery and weather-related shortages.

    Polymer Supply Battered Polymer Demand Rampant

    Only a month before a winter storm paralysed the US petrochemical industry. Freezing temperatures triggered wide-spread power outages and plant shutdowns of US Gulf Coast petrochemical facilities.

    The US outages had wide-ranging impacts beyond prices and trade for chemicals. Manufacturing supply chains across several sectors faced disruptions due to delays with raw materials including polymers.

    Polymer Pricing Index Doubles In A Year

    These polymer supply chain disruptions have resulted in higher prices for raw materials and products until the backlog eases.

    Polymer Supply Challenge: Polymer Pricing Index Doubles In A Year

    The PIE Plastixx polymer price index tracks monthly market prices for standard thermoplastics and engineering thermoplastics and has doubled. 2020 already a year when businesses discovered just how vulnerable their supply chains were, with many hit by factory closures and staff shortages, and those with parts from overseas suffering lengthy and costly delays.

    We know from previous periods of polymer supply shortages that polymer prices are highly susceptible with rapid price inflation. Whilst these effects are likely to be temporary it is nevertheless a concern for the UK plastics industry. In the last year supply chain disruption is everywhere with both Brexit and the global pandemic having far-reaching implications.

    How To Survive the Polymer Supply Shortages

    Fighting against this maelstrom of polymer shortages is Hardie Polymers. Hardie’s can source any brand, grade or quantity from their network of over 350 international suppliers, making them the UK’s leading independent distributor of engineering polymers. Despite all the difficulties with these challenges, Hardie continues to use all their supply contacts to help where others cannot.

    Fergus Hardie, Managing Director at Hardie Polymers, commented:

    We continue to be inundated with requests for engineering polymers across all sectors. With unprecedented material shortages, our team is working incredibly hard to find any available materials in Europe and get them to our customers. In this current climate even we can’t help everyone, but with companies really struggling , the team are now frequently being called ‘heroes’ and ‘saviours’!

    Credits: Image: Egypt’s Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship – BBC News

    One Rewarding Year in the Life of Hardie Polymers

    Time to look back and reflect on a busy year. We wanted to share with you why despite everything it was a rewarding year for us all at Hardie Polymers.

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    MANAGEMENT BUY OUT AT LEADING UK POLYMER SUPPLIER - Hardie Polymers has announced that Isy Ferguson and Bartosz Komanski have completed a management buy out of their specialist polymer supply business backed by the team at Nevis Capital

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    Hardies delighted to be appointed UK’s Victrex Authorised Distributor

    Hardie Polymers are are proud to announce they have been appointed Victrex Authorised Distributor for the UK.

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    Delighted to be Selected as a Covid Business Hero by the Plastics Industry Awards

    Hardie Polymers is honoured to have been selected as a Covid Business Hero by the Plastics Industry Awards

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