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    Introducing the Knowledge Base Series of Polymer blogs

    Recently, we were approached by Plastikcity about republishing our series of polymer blogs.

    These articles formed the basis of our Polymer Knowledge Base when we launched our new website.

    Polymer blogs

    About our polymer blogs

    A few years ago Hardie Polymers commissioned a series of technical articles by the late Dr Charlie Geddes.

    He authored an excellent range of technical blogs for Hardies, drawing on his vast experience and expertise in the field of plastics.

    Dr Charlie Geddes

    Charlie was Senior Lecturer in Polymer Technology at Edinburgh Napier University for over 26 years. He was also Honorary Secretary at the Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association (SPRA) for 14 years.

    Sadly, Charlie is no longer with us but his great knowledge and insight into the world of polymers lives on.

    His articles for Hardies ranged from his first on What are Engineering Thermoplastics?  to his last on Coping with weld lines.

    Other topics included subjects such as mould shrinkage, sink marks, material discolouration, friction and electrostatic dissipation.

    As stated before, these many articles formed the basis of our Polymer Knowledge Base on our website. We hope they will help inform the next generation of material processors and engineers.

    “We had so much positive feedback over recent years on Charlie’s technical blogs. They generated some terrific debates amongst industry professionals.” said Fergus Hardie, Managing Director of Hardie Polymers.

    Fergus at a past SPRA event
    Fergus Hardie at a past SPRA event

    Hardie Polymers are delighted that PlastikCity is to now serialise these articles again and hope that their readership will enjoy them.

    About Hardie Polymers

    Hardie Polymers have been supplying plastic raw materials to injection moulders since 1960. In that time, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge on how polymers are used in many different industrial sectors.

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    What is PEEK?

    PEEK is a high-performance polymer. It is a member of the PAEK family of polymers.

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    It really is time for people to start LOVING plastics !

    Love plastics? Our world is understandably seeking to reduce carbon emissions at every turn but one thing is clear : replacing plastics with alternative materials, that are proven to be more harmful to our environment is not the answer.

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