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    One Rewarding Year in the Life of Hardie Polymers

    So, 2021 will soon be over. Time to look back and reflect on a busy year. We wanted to share with you why despite everything it was a rewarding year for us all at Hardie Polymers.

    Read on to see why …

    2021 started for us with the promotion of our new website and brand identity.

    Hardie Polymers New Strapline

    Our fresh, new dynamic logo reflected the evolution of the polymer business. As an independent material supplier Hardies built upon its strong growth in sales of thermoplastics over the last few years with the combined launch of a new logo and new website.

    The new strapline helps injection moulders clearly understand what Hardie Polymers has to offer.

    The website has a modern, confident new look and message, ANY BRAND. ANY GRADE. ANY QUANTITY., highlighting to UK Injection Moulders that they now have more choice on where to source their OEM-specified grades. The website demonstrates clearly to them that they have an opportunity to reduce their current prices, improve on lead times and offer flexibility around minimum order quantities.

    In April, we published an article “Tips and tricks to gain advantages for specifying polymer for your parts“. This was a summary of a webinar Hardie Polymers took part in last year which was run by ENL Group.

    In the informative webinar, (see below) you can discover why specifying polymer selection for moulding is so important. Industry leading specialists shared their insights about different polymers for different parts and applications.

    So, why not watch and they will guide you through how to gain many advantages. These tips and tricks could be game changers for your business, such as time to market, quality and cost.

    Challenging and Rewarding Year

    However, 2021 was a tough year for many sad reasons but it was also an increasingly challenging economic environment. One image seemed to symbolise the unprecedented vulnerability and crisis facing polymer supply around the world. The Suez Canal was blocked in both directions by a container ship and this added to a world in crisis.

    Polymer Supply - the unprecedented vulnerability and crisis upon crisis facing polymer supply around the world.

    It is estimated that up to $3 billion worth of cargo passes through that canal every day. It carries approximately 12% of global trade. Despite this pent-up demand continued related to the coronavirus recovery and weather-related shortages.

    How To Survive the Extraordinary Global Polymer Supply Challenge was our article about this tough but rewarding year.

    What a tonic then it was to be able to relax lockdown restrictions at last and look forward to some normality again. You can sense the relief and excitement caused by the prospect of meeting old friends again at the delayed Interplas.

    “We’re excited to be exhibiting at Interplas again – meeting up with many existing customers and friends from the industry and making new contacts with other UK moulders. I think it’s crucial, post lockdown, to get back out there and start to meet up in person again

    Interplas was a great success for us and pictured above and also below is our new stand.

    Rewarding Year – Honour

    It was a great honour to be selected as a Covid Business Hero by the Plastics Industry Awards (PIA) 2021 for our support for Covid 19 research.

    This was in recognition of our response to the pandemic and as a force for good within the plastics industry. We donated to the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Virus Research (below) who were at the forefront of research into Covid.

    Rewarding year as Hardies support Covid research

    Hardie Polymers, commented:

    “We were inundated with requests for engineering polymers for medical parts since the outbreak began. Our team did fantastic work as always to get these materials to all the UK injection moulding companies out there who supported this great national effort.”

    How to round off the challenging but rewarding year? We were proud to announce that we were appointed as the authorised distributor for Victrex for the UK.

    Victrex is a world leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions. They are the number one PEEK expert with unmatched knowledge and experience spanning polymers, forms and also parts.

    Hardie Polymers Chairman, Fergus Hardiesaid, “We’re looking forward to working closely with the Victrex team, to help grow the market and to support the UK processors of Victrex PEEK. The ability of PEEK to replace metal parts and save weight in hi-tech applications is a big feature and as a material it’s used in all key sectors. It’s a real material for the future“

    Exciting News

    But just before the year could end we had some more exciting news with the announcement that Isy Ferguson and Bartosz Komanski completed a management buy out of the business backed by the team at Nevis Capital.

    Isy Ferguson steps up to Managing Director with Fergus Hardie becoming Chairman. Isy said: “I’m delighted to become a significant shareholder in Hardies and take the step up to MD. It is a business that I feel passionately about having worked for the company for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on delivering for our customers and this deal will allow us to increase our stock holding and expand our team to continue to meet our customers requirements.”

    Fergus Hardie said: “This is an exciting time for the business. I am delighted to transfer ownership to the team who have supported me in growing the business over the last 20 years. I look forward to taking a step back but continuing to support on this next phase of growth for the business”.

    Nevis Capital have backed the deal. Ian Buchan, Partner, said: “Hardie Polymers has all of the attributes that we look for in a business. A great team, outstanding customer service and a leading position in their market. The business is approaching its 100 year anniversary and we look forward to being part of it for a long time to come”.

    Management buy out at leading UK polymer supplier

    So, we hope you have enjoyed this round up of our news for this special rewarding year and we wish you all good health for 2022!

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