Please note that we only supply polymer in granular form for Injection Moulding or Extrusion applications. We do not supply polymer in rod, sheet or block form.

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    Recycled Plastics

    Hardies have supplied Recycled plastics for nearly 30 years, which means we really do have as much experience in this area as anyone within the industry.

    We have an excellent track record of specifying and supplying these materials into highly demanding applications, such as automotive parts for Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan. Additionally, we have supplied demanding recycled materials to the Stanley Black & Decker Group since 2005 and were instrumental in introducing them to recycled materials within Europe.

    The most widely used recycled materials are the main commodity materials of Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and to a lesser extent, Polystyrene (PS). PP can be supplied with fillers such as talc or glass fibre to enhance certain properties. We also offer a full range of recycled engineering polymers including PA, PC/ABS, ABS, PC and PEEK.

    From April 2022, the plastic packaging tax will see companies paying £200 per tonne of packaging made from less than 30% recycled plastic. This tax has been created to encourage the use of more recycled plastic and with our experience we can find you the optimum solution.

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