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Polymer SearchHow much time do you waste searching for the supplier/manufacturer/distributor of a brand name you are asked to use? With a database of thousands of products at our fingertips, you can leave it to us. We’ll track down the materials you need. Because we are completely independent, we are not bound to sell only certain manufacturers’ grades.

And for your business this means wider and easier accessibility to a large range of materials, boosting your efficiency and productivity and giving you total peace of mind.

Because there are thousands of different polymer grades used in the market, being able to offer such a wide range and from so many different manufacturers isn’t easy!

Every week we receive requests from customers for new grades. We are constantly expanding our supply network to meet this demand. Our customers can leave it to us to track down the materials they need and have them delivered on time.

Polymer Searches – Europe and Worldwide

Our logistics team work very closely with our haulage partners to collect materials from across Europe and ship them to the UK every day.

Strong growth in key sectors such as automotive have led to extended lead times for many engineering polymers. This has given injection moulders real problems as they struggle to meet customer deadlines. However, we’ve been able to use the full extent of our large international supply base to track down stocks of these scarce materials. We help UK moulders get their material on time and meet their customer orders .

Also, is it sensible to rely on only a single source? What would you do if your current supplier didn’t have in stock the materials you need? We have over 350 leading polymers suppliers in Europe and beyond. So we offer our customers much wider options in acquiring their materials.

There’s another important factor to consider here as well. If you have a single, or only a few suppliers, then you may suffer long lead-times to actually get the materials you need. With one phone call to us, you broaden your search. Let us check stock at warehouses across Europe, then your lead-time can often be reduced meaning better efficiency and productivity.



Find the exact grade you require

Improve on your current price

Get the material you need faster

Our no risk Polymer Search

  • We’ll conduct a no obligation search so you don’t have to
  • We can supply the exact grade you need so you can meet your spec
  • Minimum quantity is just 25kg so you can get just what you need
  • If we can’t find your grade of plastic there is no cost to you
  • Products can be dispatched by express shipping if required

Chat to us first as we’re happy to answer any of your questions.


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