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polymer supplier with the polymer price check

Does your current supplier offer you only certain brands of material – and at fixed prices?

It may be the case that your current polymer supplier is the ‘exclusive authorised distributor’, but – that does not mean you have no other buying alternative. Because you do. You do not have to pay whatever price your current supplier charges.

Hardie Polymers have spent the last ten years building the most comprehensive supply network, across Europe and beyond.

We have over 350 suppliers ensuring we can offer you all the major brands of OEM-specified grades. We also price-check the same product across multiple suppliers meaning we can give you the best price every time.

How do you know if the price you are offered is, in fact, the best price on the market?

Prices vary enormously and one moulder can often be paying significantly more than another for the same material. Being independent means we can be much more flexible with our supply chains.

We have access to prices all across Europe and so know and recognise the value of a good price. At Hardie Polymers we see one price in relation to another.

We will source you the best price available.

And even if we can’t reduce your price, we can confirm you are buying competitively, giving you the added value of knowing you are buying well.

Response time is critical.

Our customers need to know prices and availability on materials as quickly as possible in order to meet their own deadlines. So we always make sure we get back to people – we never keep the customer waiting and guessing.

Cost Down Opportunities

Many European polymer compounders have worked hard to have their own materials specified as alternatives to Covestro, Trinseo, Sabic, DuPont etc. We now see requests for many trade names that have never before been supplied in the UK.

We have spent many years building supply relationships with new lesser known suppliers to ensure we can meet the demands of our customers.

Our new Suppliers have automotive approved materials for companies such as JLR, BMW, Opel and PSA. These materials can show savings of 10-15% over the better known brands.

We increasingly find Tier 1 suppliers to the Automotive Industry are being given the scope to select their own material.

This has been common practice in Europe for many years and the introduction of this practice in the UK can give moulders the edge over their competitors, provided they know where to access these grades.

With our help, now you can.


Find the exact grade you require

Improve on your current price

Get the material you need faster

Our no risk Polymer Search

  • We’ll conduct a no obligation search so you don’t have to
  • We can supply the exact grade you need so you can meet your spec
  • Minimum quantity is just 25kg so you can get just what you need
  • If we can’t find your grade of plastic there is no cost to you
  • Products can be dispatched by express shipping if required

Chat to us first as we’re happy to answer any of your questions.


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