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Thermoplastic elastomers/Thermoplastic polyurethane


Thermoplastic elastomers/Thermoplastic polyurethane

Physical Properties

Typical Applications


An example of the various different forms that TPE can form is below:

TPE-S – Styrenic SBS, SEBS Compounds

TPE-O – Thermoplastic Olefins

TPE-V – Vulcanized PP/EPDM Compound

TPE-U – Thermoplastic Polyurethane

TPE-E – Co-Polyester Compound

TPE-A – Thermoplastic Polyamide


Useful data


The first thermoplastic elastomer became available in 1959. At that time rubber compounds (thermosets) were already popular in the automotive market but they were expensive, difficult to produce and hard to recycle.

Product designers were continually looking for materials that would provide new benefits to the consumer and needed a soft, cheaper material that was easier to process and TPE was the answer.

Since the 1970’s with new product applications being continually developed, there was a demand for more grades with differing properties. Material manufacturers have now brought many different variants of TPE to the market to meet this demand.

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