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About Hardie Polymers

About Hardie Polymers

About Hardie Polymers, a leading polymer supplier in the UK

With decades of industry expertise, we take pride in being a leading supplier and distributor of specified polymers to the Injection Moulding Industry.

Since its inception in 1924, Hardie Polymers has upheld a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, which has set it apart from its competitors.

Our unique selling proposition lies in our unparalleled expertise in sourcing specified polymers and offering flexible supply chain solutions to meet our customers requirements.

At Hardie Polymers, we understand that every project has unique requirements, whether it’s an off the shelf standard grade, a specified polymer or a bespoke compound for a unique application, we deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Today, Hardie Polymers continues to remain focused on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, ensuring its continued success and competitiveness in the industry.

Discover the difference of partnering with Hardie Polymers, where reliability, efficiency, and unmatched customer service are at the heart of everything we do.

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  • I need a material that can operate in a high temperature environment for a prolonged period of time