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Although Polycarbonates were first discovered back in 1898 by a German scientist working at the University of Munich called Alfred Einhorn, it was not until much later in 1953, when Hermann Schnell working for the German chemical company Bayer in Uerdingen, patented the first linear polycarbonate. The brand name Makrolon was registered just a couple of years later in 1955.

Also in 1953, and bizarrely only one week after the invention at Bayer, across the Atlantic, a Mr Daniel Fox of General Electric in Schenectady, New York, independently synthesized a branched polycarbonate.

After some legal wrangling, the patent priority was eventually resolved in 1958 in Bayer’s favour, and they then began commercial production of polycarbonate under their new trade name Makrolon.

General Electric (GE) then began production of their polycarbonate under the name Lexan in 1960. To this day they remain the two predominant trade names in the field of polycarbonates. Both are available from Hardie Polymers.

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